March 1, 2012

Industrial Wind Impacts in Shelburne: Declining Property Values and Noise Pollution

Friends of Mt. Massaemet

Saturday, March 3 – 7:00 pm
Memorial Hall, Shelburne Falls, MA

Michael McCann, CRA
Nationally recognized real estate appraiser with over 30 years experience


The Negative Impact of Industrial Wind on Property Values

Since 2005, Mr. McCann has evaluated over 20 wind energy projects with regard to impacts on neighboring residential and agricultural property values. Expected declines of 25 – 40% and even total abandonment of homes have been reported. Mr. McCann will provide insight to residents of Shelburne and surrounding communities as it relates to the proposed Mt. Massaemet wind project.

Robert Rand, Rand Acoustics
Member of Institute of Noise Control Engineering


Wind Turbine Noise and Adverse Health Effects

In 2009, Robert Rand (and his colleague Stephen Ambrose) became concerned about the negative comments from residents living near wind turbine sites. Their studies confirm that large industrial wind turbines can produce real and adverse health impacts. Robert Rand will discuss his findings at Memorial Hall.

Andrew Wells, Chair of Ashfield Wind Turbine Bylaw Advisory Committee – Moderator
There will be time for questions and answers.

Please attend if you can. And bring others!

Each presentation is complete in itself and adds a vital piece to the puzzle.

This Informational Event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
Event Sponsored by Friends of Mt. Massaemet

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