December 3, 2008
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Loyalist Township call for Ontario study of wind turbine health effects

Loyalist Township Council

Passed Oct. 14, 2008:

WHEREAS the Council for The Corporation of Loyalist Township recognizes the need for energy conservation and the development of renewable energy in the province in order to promote a sustainable future;

AND WHEREAS Council has recognized this reality and has recently adopted progressive energy conservation and renewable energy policies in its Official Plan in a manner which is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement;

AND WHEREAS a recently completed study commissioned by the Ministry of Environment entitled Wind Turbine Facilities Noise Issues, December 2007, as prepared by Aiolos Engineering, stated that there is a need to conduct further research on wind turbine noise in a manner to provide scientifically consistent data for effects such as meteorology (in particular atmospheric stability), human response and turbine noise character;

AND WHEREAS wind turbine noise data should be collected in a scientifically defensible manner from locations in the vicinity of currently installed wind turbine arrays in Ontario and other Canadian locations to verify if actual noise conditions are similar to those that were expected through study and modeling; or to determine if there are deviations and then a need to adjust modeling requirements;

AND WHEREAS there have been concerns expressed that noise from wind turbine arrays might impact human health negatively and, meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy has requested that the Ontario Power Authority secure another 2,000 MW of renewable energy, with the first 500 MW round to close October 28, 2008;

AND WHEREAS it is anticipated the bulk of the 2,000 MW of renewable energy projects to be awarded will be based on wind power and the likelihood is that most, if not all, of these projects will be in proximity to houses and other sensitive land uses;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council for The Corporation of Loyalist Township requests that the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health immediately develop and implement scientifically defensible wind turbine monitoring programs in Ontario to determine actual noise conditions at various wind farm sites and to decide if the actual data collected supports current Ministry of Environment guidelines, or whether the guidelines need to be adjusted in order to protect human health, and that Council strongly encourages that the two Ministries cooperate with the Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau – Acoustics Section of Health Canada for collaboration purposes and to broaden the study scope to include installed wind turbine arrays in other locations in Canada.

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