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Beauty Corruption — Stop Benington Wind Farm

Click here to download an MP4 version of the “Beauty Corruption” video (23.4 MB). [1]

Click here to download an MP3 audio file of the “Beauty Corruption” song (3.7 MB). [2]

As you may know, there are plans to erect three huge wind turbines in the beautiful countryside of Benington.

These three turbines, reaching 400 foot each, will destroy the beauty and peace of such a serene area, and will be seen for many miles around.

I, myself, am not against wind energy. However, I feel that these turbines will destroy an area of extreme beauty, and are completely inappropriate.

The author Frederick Forsyth has said, ‘If a competition was held to find the most inappropriate site in England for three massive turbines, Benington would win’.

I felt moved to write a song in order to express my concerns at these plans.

I ask you all to visit my song ‘’Beauty Corruption’ on youtube, by clicking on this link [3] (or just type Becky Godlee in youtube).

The video was filmed at the proposed turbine site. As it says in my song, ‘Just put it on the motorway, where it can be forgiven …’

You can also download the song in mp3 format from the website, at: www.stopbeningtonwindfarm.co.uk [4], where you can find details of how to write to the planners to express your views and concerns. We know that if enough people write, this inappropriately located scheme can be stopped.

Many thanks, and I hope you enjoy the song!

Becky Godlee (age 17)
email: becky@godlee.com

Go to: Stop Benington Wind Farm (click on one of the pictures below):

Benington Needs You   Say No to the Wind Farm [4]