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First national demonstration against industrial wind energy

[translation by National Wind Watch]

We can now say that, despite the very short time available for organizing it, our first national demonstration was a true success!

First results

We accomplished the first national demonstration against industrial wind energy every organized in Europe.

Our delegation was received by Philippe Ledenvic, assistant director under Minister Borloo, which for a collective unknown only a month before is truly notable.

We got the Ministry of Ecology, Development, and Sustainable Planning (MEDAD) to verify and publish the true figures of France’s industrial wind energy plan.

On the 5 other demands, MEDAD promised to bring them to the attention of the “Grenelle de l’Environnement”.

We started a credible national dynamic at the level of the public powers and the media that can truly bring some pressure. One need only see how the president of the renewable energy trade group SER was on all the television reports attempting to counter our claim of only 0.5% CO2 reduction from wind, and to read the press release of pro-wind NGOs, to see that we have made them scared (otherwise, they would never have bothered to get together for such a statement so quickly).


The Collective will put in writing the promises from MEDAD and quickly submit their figures for analysis. Then we will wait for word from MEDAD for a clear statment on the subject of industrial wind energy.

It is urgent (there is little time) that each of us leave our observations on the the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” internet forum, where the question of industrial wind energy has begun to be raised: “Décarboner et réduire la production d’énergie” [1].

Send us your photos and videos so we can put them on line on the Collective’s blog. This will serve as a reference for your local as well as national media who won’t miss out on reporting the event after the information has cooled.

Letters to the 6 October Collective are always open (especially from organized groups) to reinforce our credibility: Don’t hesitate to spread the word around.


The whole team of organizers in the Collective would like to thank everyone very warmly for all the efforts that made this audacious bet a reality and a success, confirming that a dynamic network and structure can influence the course of things.

Collectif du 6 octobre [2]