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Social bookmarking and blogging

Social bookmarking is a way to share and find web pages. To use it, you need an account at a web site that provides this service. Many sites allow you to keep some or all of your bookmarks private or available only to people you choose. Blogging is also a way to tell people about other web pages. To use it, you need a blog at one of the seb sites that provide them.

Clicking on one of the social bookmarking or blogging links provided at the end of each post, the location and title of the post is sent to the site's new bookmark or post page (if you're logged in to that site). On most sites, you then add a description and tags to indicate the subject matter and to help others find the bookmark or post (if public). For example, the “wind energy” tag will ensure that it appears on the site’s “wind energy” page and that it will be returned when someone searches on the site for bookmarks about “wind energy”.

Social bookmarking sites are often used before a general web search, because pages are selected by other members of the site, categorized, and often rated and commented on – thus narrowing the search to what others have already found to be worthwhile.

We encourage users of the National Wind Watch web site to use social bookmarking and blogging to help make the information and news provided here more widely available for debates and research.

RSS web feeds

Feeds report the changing content of a web site in a standardized format. National Wind Watch uses the RSS 2.0 format by default, but others, such as Atom, are also available. The feed provides a list of the latest posts, including each title, the whole post or an excerpt, a link to its location, its date, and its categories. RSS is generally taken to stand for “really simple syndication”.

National Wind Watch has separate feeds for the News Watch, Resource Documents, Alerts & Events, and Photos & Graphics areas of the web site. There is also a feed for each of the categories in the first three areas. In addition, the National Wind Watch newsletter can deliver a daily update right to your e-mail inbox. There are also syndication options for easily adding NWW feeds to your own web site.

When you click on the RSS symbol () or the “RSS” link in category listings, the feed will open in a feed reader, either a standalone program or the feed-reading feature built into some web browsers and e-mail programs.

Alternatively, there are many web sites where you can view and organize feeds. You can add a National Wind Watch feed to one of those sites by clicking on the corresponding icon provided under the RSS symbol or link.

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