Seoul Green Manifesto 2006

Humankind in the 21st century is suffering from environmental pollution and ecological destruction caused by unchecked industrialization across the globe. It is our obligation to do our best to minimize development and investment that would neglect the protection of natural resources, remembering the Dutch philosopher Benedict de Spinoza, who said, "even if the world comes to an end tomorrow, I will plant an apple tree today."

Accordingly, environmental activists in Korea and abroad participating in the 2006 International Workshop on Landscape Ecology and the Problems with Windfarms declare the following three points which should guide our activities in the years to come.

1. Because they are a major source of various environmental problems, including the destruction of natural landscape and the lives of the people in local communities, construction and governmental support of large-size commercial windfarms must be reconsidered with prudence and deliberation.

2. To correct the prevailing fantasy-like views on wind energy, national governments and international organizations are sincerely advised to provide financial and institutional support to scientific efforts to reveal the facts of environmental destruction by the massive production of wind energy, as well as its low efficiency.

3. To prevent the reckless expansion of those inefficient and destructive windfarm complexes into our precious and beautiful countryside, we must enhance public awareness and education, and media campaigns with global networks, which could help enlighten citizens, developers, public servants, and political leaders.

23 October, 2006

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Endorsed by

Bundesverband Landschaftsschutz (Federal Association for Landscape Protection), Germany
Country Guardian, UK
Green Club of Korea
Naeringslivets Kystakson, Norway
Nationaal Kritisch Platform Windenergie, The Netherlands
National Wind Watch, USA
Sammensluttede Danske Elforbrugere (United Danish Energy Consumers)