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National Wind Watch returns to the web

Press Release

July 14, 2006 -- National Wind Watch (NWW) has returned to the web at www.wind-watch.org (with a hyphen).

After creating a dynamic and resource-filled web site last year, all traffic to the web site was redirected by others to another site, which had taken all of the material and concepts that had been compiled and created by the many volunteers of NWW. Access to a secondary domain also was prevented.

While they regret those events, NWW is focused on moving past them. National Wind Watch will continue to be the go-to organization for local campaigners against industrial wind energy development. The new web site promises to be better than before in providing the information and resources people need in those battles.

All links to National Wind Watch should be changed from any previous domain to www.wind-watch.org (with a hyphen).

National Wind Watch® is a nonprofit corporation established in 2005 by campaigners from around the U.S. to promote knowledge and raise awareness of the negative environmental and social impacts of industrial wind energy development. Information, analysis, and other materials are available on its web site: https://www.wind-watch.org.

National Wind Watch, Inc., 63 West Hill Road, MA 01339

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