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There is an elephant in the roomFrom Better Plan, Wisconsin
Size comparisonsFrom Regroupement pour le Développement Durable des Appalaches, Québec
No to windfarmBy courtesy of Against Newlands Wind Farm Action Group
Size comparisonsBy courtesy of No Lee-DeKalb Windfarms
Liberty leading the peopleBy courtesy of Färingtofta Norra (Sweden), via, with apologies to Eugène Delacroix
NauseaBy courtesy of Tigné Préservé (France), via, with apologies to Edvard Munch (The Scream)
Life in an 86-turbine windfarm after one yearFond du Lac County, Wisconsin, interviews with residents living near 400ft turbines - by Lynda Barry
Danish CO₂ emissions did not decrease as wind production increasedThis graph shows that CO₂ emissions did not continue to decrease as Denmark's wind production increased - production data from Danish Energy Agency, emissions data from U.S. Energy Information Administration
The TerminatorAdvertisement for the Tesmec 1475 trench digger ("a 100 MW wind project could have up to 150,000 feet of trenches containing 450,000 feet of underground cables" -- North American Windpower, March 2009)
Wind power’s long shadowThe powerful banner graphic from
Don Quixote against the giantsThe moment their arms spun freely in our air, they were doomed - for Man has earned his right to hold this planet against all comers, by virtue of occasionally producing someone totally batshit insane. From
Correlation of wind production and demand essentially randomHourly data from 1 year on the Bonneville Power Authority grid in the Pacific Northwest - With load on the y-axis and wind generation on the x-axis, it is clear that at any load, wind generation was anywhere from 0 to ~1,200 MW and 0 to ~600 MW in the summer months. (Positive correlation means that as load increases, so does wind generation; negative correlation means that as load increases, wind generation decreases; perfect correlation is expressed as 1.0.)
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