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Wind turbine noise averaged 4.5-9 dB louder than predictedAt 10 different facilities, acoustical engineers Robert Rand and Stephen Ambrose measured wind turbine noise to be 3-12 dB (average 4.5-9 dB) louder than had been predicted.
Annoyance from wind turbine noiseFrom Pedersen E, van den Berg F, Bakker R, Bouma J. Response to noise from modern wind farms in The Netherlands. Journal of the Acoustic Society of America 2009;126(2):634–43.
Wind-power generation does not correlate with demandWind-power generation (blue), insolation (gold), and power demand (red) time series data show wind energy's poor correlation with demand. Thirty days of data collected in April 2010 from Bonneville Power Administration are superimposed and normalized to their maximum values. Average values are in color-highlighted black lines. From Barnhart et al., DOI:10.1039/C3EE41973H
Wind turbine sizes over the yearsNote significant increase in wind turbine size in 2000 - from Garrad Hassan
Wind turbine sizes over the yearsNote significant leap in 2000 - from
How A-weighted sound measurement ignores low frequenciesThe shaded area represents the degree of low-frequency part of the spectrum ignored by A-weighting - from Salt & Kaltenbach 2011, Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 31(4):296-302
New Hammer of the ScotsAlex Salmond: historic wrecker of a beautiful country - from Cartoons by Josh (
Happy new year?Happy new year? - from the European and North American Platforms Against Windpower
Title card for Pandora's PinwheelsTitle card for French-subtitled version of Pandora's Pinwheels - artwork by John Terry,
Wind Power GuernicaBy artist Pauline James, presented to the Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest Group, Scotland, for use on promotional material
Wind production reverse of demandProduction of electricity from wind is somewhat reverse-correlated with demand in South Australia, 1 April to 6 September 2012 -
Greetings from HawaiiGreetings from Hawaii and ... and ...
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