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Wieringermeer wind energy facility, The NetherlandsWieringermeer wind energy facility, The Netherlands’ largest. Now called Princess Ariane Wind Farm. All of the power nominally goes to a single Microsoft data center. Photo by Rixt de Boer (who had to move away because of the noise)Mar 12, 2023
Resources needed for gas vs wind power100× more iron ore, 25× more concrete, 10× more specialty metals and minerals, 900 tonnes nonrecyclable plastics, 10 square miles of land for wind turbines versus natural gas - graphic from Blackrock Energy and Resources Income Trust, Half Yearly Financial Report, 31 May 2022 - based on data from The Hard Math of Minerals by Mark P. Mills, Issues in Science and Technology, January 27, 2022Jan 23, 2023
Wind turbine hub: oily dirt and missing nose coneVestas 1.65-megawatt wind turbine, missing its nose cone, at Portland General Electric’s Biglow Canyon wind farm in Wasco County, Oregon, 2022 - Photographer: Dave Killen/The OregonianJan 23, 2023
Akita Prefecture, JapanWind turbines line a major road in Akita Prefecture, Japan - photo from Yomiuri ShimbunJan 23, 2023

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Converter station, Upper Kergord, ShetlandConverter station, Upper Kergord, Shetland
St. Leon, Manitoba, Canada - the nearest turbine is 800 meters (one-half mile) from the houseSt. Leon, Manitoba, Canada - the nearest turbine is 800 meters (one-half mile) from the house
Turbine tower collapseTurbine tower collapse
Eagle dead after wind turbine injuryEagle dead after wind turbine injury
UPC Kaheawa, Maui, Hawaii - foundationUPC Kaheawa, Maui, Hawaii - foundation
Blade destroyed by hitting tower - NW MinnesotaBlade destroyed by hitting tower - NW Minnesota
Cohocton, New YorkCohocton, New York
Oil running to the ground - Palm Springs, CaliforniaOil running to the ground - Palm Springs, California

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