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Wind turbine fire, Greenwood, N.Y.Wind turbine fire, Greenwood, N.Y., March 28, 2023 - photo from Wellsville SunMar 31, 2023
Save Our Seas - artwork by Marion ChapmanSave Our Seas - artwork by Marion Chapman, Australia, who has donated it for the use of campaigners worldwide - PDF: 25, 2023
Wieringermeer wind energy facility, The NetherlandsWieringermeer wind energy facility, The Netherlands’ largest. Now called Princess Ariane Wind Farm. All of the power nominally goes to a single Microsoft data center. Photo by Rixt de Boer (who had to move away because of the noise)Mar 12, 2023
Resources needed for gas vs wind power100× more iron ore, 25× more concrete, 10× more specialty metals and minerals, 900 tonnes nonrecyclable plastics, 10 square miles of land for wind turbines versus natural gas - graphic from Blackrock Energy and Resources Income Trust, Half Yearly Financial Report, 31 May 2022 - based on data from The Hard Math of Minerals by Mark P. Mills, Issues in Science and Technology, January 27, 2022Jan 23, 2023

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Carleton College, Minnesota: digging foundation holeCarleton College, Minnesota: digging foundation hole
150 metric tonnes of coal for onshore 3-MW turbine, 250 t for offshore150 metric tonnes of coal for onshore 3-MW turbine, 250 t for offshore
Forest clearance for wind turbineForest clearance for wind turbine
Northern New YorkNorthern New York
Discarded wind turbine blades, Bath, New YorkDiscarded wind turbine blades, Bath, New York
Nolan County, TexasNolan County, Texas
Iffendic, FranceIffendic, France
Turbine destroyed by fire near Garner, Iowa, Oct. 10, 2007Turbine destroyed by fire near Garner, Iowa, Oct. 10, 2007

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