September 22, 2022

Voters reject huge Swedish offshore wind projects by Iberdrola and Skyborn

Referendum in central Sweden shoots down giant plans in Bay of Bothnia but developers hope local council will still approve them | By Bernd Radowitz | Recharge | 20 September 2022 |

Skyborn Renewables – the newly-rebranded offshore wind business Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) acquired from German developer Wpd – suffered a setback as voters in the Swedish municipality of Söderhamn seem to have shot down its plans for the 1GW Storgrundet offshore wind project in the Bay of Bothnia.

Another huge project by local developer Svea Vind called Gretas Klackar 2 also was subject to the vote. Iberdrola in 2020 signed a deal giving it the right to take a majority stake in Svea Vind’s projects at sea, meaning the global renewables giant was also affected by the outcome.

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