September 15, 2022

Wind turbine blades being stored in Harborcreek

Wind Turbine Blades Being Stored in Harborcreek | By Tom Kowalski | Friday, September 2nd 2022 |

If you’ve driven East on the I-90 towards Buffalo, you’ve likely seen the large wind turbine blades stacked on top of each other near Exit 32.

Each blade is 244 feet long and weighs 26 tons, and they arrived on a cargo ships back in May.

Earlier today, crews were seen unloading the massive blades from a truck, which can only be done with a crane.

According to the Facebook group “Southtown Scanner,” a large barge washed ashore near Van Buren Point, NY, on it’s way back to Buffalo after dropping off the parts for the wind turbines in Erie.

No one was injured, and the Coast Guard has secured the barge to the beach to prevent it from floating away.

The locals have nicknamed the barge “Marge.”

As of now, it is unclear where the wind turbine blades will end up. Erie News Now will keep it’s audience up to date as soon as we know more.

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