September 15, 2022

Piatt County has received Apex SUP application

UPDATE: Piatt County has received Apex SUP application | By Kevin Barlow, PCJR editor | Sep 8, 2022 |

MONTICELLO – The Piatt County Journal-Republican has learned that Piatt County officials have received the Special Use Permit (SUP) application for the proposed Goose Creek Wind project.

County officials confirmed at 10:41 a.m. Thursday, the hard copies did arrive at the county building.

The application seeks approval for up to 60 wind turbine locations in the northern portion of the county for a 300 MW wind farm. Of the approved locations, 50 total turbines would be constructed, officials said.

“This application reflects years of careful study and due diligence to produce a world-class project that will significantly benefit the entire community,” Apex Clean Energy Senior Development Manager Alan Moore said. “Our comprehensive application, which includes over 1,600 pages of supporting documentation, shows that we’ve met or surpassed every standard laid out in Piatt County’s rigorous wind ordinance.”

Two open houses are scheduled for Thursday by Apex officials – one in Mansfield and another in Monticello. The Mansfield event will be from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the Northern Piatt Fire Protection District. In Monticello, Apex officials will be at the Monticello Community Building from 5 to 7 p.m.

“We know many community members may have questions or want more information about the project, and we will be hosting two open house events in Mansfield and Monticello to ensure we provide answers,” said Max Jabrixio, director of public engagement for Apex. “We’ll have a map of our preliminary site plan and detailed information about the project’s analyses on wildlife, sound, shadow, and setbacks to discuss with anyone who’d like to learn more. In addition, we’ll have the latest details on the various economic and environmental benefits the project will bring to the community.”

The application will be evaluated by the Piatt County Zoning Board of Appeals, followed by the County Board.

More coverage on this story will be available in the Sept. 14 edition of the Piatt County Journal-Republican.

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