July 29, 2022
Letters, Ohio

Wind project affects everyone

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wind Project Affects Everyone | By Crawford County Now Staff | July 15, 2022 | crawfordcountynow.com

Many have said the APEX wind project “won’t affect me.” All residents, no matter where you live in Crawford County, will be negatively affected by this project, although not all to the same degree. Honey Creek leases describe this as “Phase One.” If APEX gets a foothold in Crawford County, they assuredly will continue to Phase Two. Those in southern Crawford County may currently think the problems only apply to the north. Research previous projects and see there are always Phases Two, Three and sometimes more. Since phases must connect to one another, thinking southern Crawford will be skipped is not logical. City residents will be surrounded by 650’ tall industrial wind turbines. But let’s talk about the effects, other than landscape.

Roads in our city and county were not built for the weight of the equipment needed to erect these monstrous sized turbines. Roads will be torn up for years before they are repaired. Traffic will be tied up waiting on construction vehicles trying to turn on our narrow roadways. Adverse travel conditions will persist throughout the entire construction phase. Then, looking at turbine projects in Ohio, Iowa and Michigan shows that work is never done. Once the power plant becomes operational, they will need maintenance and repairs bringing the heavy equipment back in.

Many studies show wind projects damage infrastructure, threaten water wells, decrease property values, interfere with tv, cell, and Wi-Fi signals, interfere with crop dusting and life flights. Detrimental health effects are documented to livestock, pets, wildlife, and people. News stories the last several weeks discuss California’s and Texas’ rolling blackouts and power problems affecting entire regions. Is it a coincidence that these two states have the highest turbine populations? Wind energy is intermittent, not constant. There must be “back up” power always available (natural gas, fossil fuels) if you want the lights to come on, which increases electric bills. Research is there, but APEX won’t help you find it. For more information, see Crawford Neighbors United at the Crawford County Fair. They will share resources, displays, and the information you need.

Dave Bishop, Bucyrus

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