May 4, 2022

Kincardine facing turbine repair job

EXCLUSIVE: Component replacement required at 50MW floating wind farm off Scotland | Renewable Energy News | 4 May 2022 |

The pioneering 50MW Kincardine floating wind farm off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, has suffered a significant technical set back just months after it became fully operational.

A major component in one of the five V164-9.5MW Vestas turbines at the site is understood to be in need of replacement.

The turbine is to be removed from the array and towed to an undisclosed port location while the work is carried out.

It is also understood the other four turbines that make up the project will continue to export power to the grid as normal.

It is understood that the floating wind farm will resume full operations in a few weeks.

Kincardine, the world’s largest operating floating wind farm, has been operating since October 2021 and is majority owned by Spain’s ACS Group.

It is located 15km out to sea with turbines installed on semi-submersible platforms designed by Principle Power.

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