April 29, 2022

A new wind farm possibly coming to Fannin County

By Molly O'Brien | KTEN | April 28, 2022 | www.kten.com

Fannin County Judge Randy Moore was just made aware of Cielo Wind’s plan last week when a rep from the company told him.

“These towers would take place south of Dodd City, across the county east toward honey grove and south of high way 56,” Moore said.

Judge Moore is afraid people won’t want to move to the county.

“When you put a wind mill system in like this. You’re going to be showing a great disadvantage to people that are coming from Dallas and the metro-plex and from California, wherever they want to come from and build a home here and have a home,” Moore said. “Most people don’t want to have a house close to one of the windmills.”

Some residents of the county will profit over the plan.

“It will generate and bring in a lot of money to that land owner in a lease form or whatever form they want to purchase that.”

KTEN reached out to Cielo Wind and have not heard back.

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