March 27, 2022

Texas tornado takes down wind turbines

Chris Reed, March 25, 2022,

The wind was too strong.

Meteorologist Payton Malone shared a photo on social media that shows the impact a Texas tornado had on several wind turbines this week.

Texas reported 18 tornados this week as a line of storms pushed through and apparently, one of the tornados in North Texas took out the turbines.

As you can see here, the turbines were no match for winds that were estimated to be well over 130 mph.

For the last couple of years, a hot debate on social media has been the use of wind turbines when it comes to producing energy.

Well, this photo here won’t help the argument that we can solely rely on the turbines for the production of energy.

Many have already questioned what would happen to them if they were placed in the gulf while. a hurricane sweeps across it. Sorry, I don’t have the answer here.

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