March 23, 2022

Giant wind turbine blade finally plucked from Oregon roadside

Giant Wind Turbine Blade Finally Plucked from Oregon Roadside | John McKay | KFLD | March 21, 2022 |

Over 3 weeks since the truck and trailer rolled off Highway 74 in Oregon not far from Ione, a giant wind turbine blade has finally been retrieved.

Giant wind turbine blade causes truck to roll off Oregon highway

February 28th, a 56-year-old man suffered non-life-threatening injuries when the overside load semi he was driving rolled on its side, and off a section of Highway 74.

The truck along with its massively long trailer was transporting a giant wind turbine blade when the truck was trying to negotiate a curve and rolled over.

No word was given about where the blade was headed, or if it was a ‘new’ or ‘old’ piece of equipment. Nonetheless, the truck tipped over.

Last weekend, the giant blade was finally retrieved.

This last weekend, the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office reported a portion of Highway 74 was closed for a few hours, near the unincorporated area of Cecil, about 12 to 14 miles southwest of Boardman so the blade could be picked up.

A check of Oregon’s TripCheck service shows apparently crews were successful in retrieving the giant blade, as no disruptions were noted Monday in the area.

According to reports, the blade was so long and large, neither the truck driver nor the trailer operator in the back are sure what caused the load to shift or trigger the truck to roll off the highway. This apparently the second such related mishap involving a turbine blade on this highway this spring.

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