January 27, 2022

Maintenance concerns raised over mammoth wind turbines proposed for Kilkenny

Save Our Hills speak out after interested company takes financial hit | By Christopher Dunne | Kilkenny People | www.kilkennypeople.ie

A community group that opposes wind farm development in Kilkenny city’s rural hinterland now fears that an interested company may be unable to maintain such infrastructure if built.

EDF Renewables Ireland, a subsidiary of French energy giant EDF, have reportedly been among those who have expressed an interest in the area.

EDF share prices plummeted earlier this month after the French Government demanded that they sell excess energy to rival companies.

Save Our Hills are worried about the long-term financial capability of the company if they are given the go-ahead to develop locally.

“What happens if we are left with half built wind turbines with nobody to service or maintain them?,” a spokesperson said.

“What happens if they sell the company to someone else who puts new terms and conditions in place?

“How can anyone be sure that they have the financial backing to follow through on the promises for the community or the landowners? The French government’s move has cost the company a fortune.”

Save Our Hills have been actively campaigning in recent times to prevent large scale wind turbines from being built in areas including Castlewarren, Flagmount and Ossory Hill.

These areas are currently deemed ‘acceptable in principle’ to wind farm development under the new County Development Plan.

In the previous plan, the same areas were designated only as ‘open for consideration’ to wind farm development – a much less enticing designation for potential developers.

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