January 22, 2022
Letters, Michigan

Using their own propaganda

GUEST VIEW: Using their own propaganda | By Joe Hansen | Daily News | January 22, 2022 | www.thedailynews.cc

In Dan Paris’ Guest View in the Jan. 8 issue of the Daily News, Paris wrote how Hitler used propaganda, which is true, but he failed to mention how he used infrasound too.

Webster’s Dictionary defines infrasonic or infrasound as 1. Having or relating to a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear. 2. Utilizing or produced by infrasonic waves or vibrations. Infrasound is especially dangerous due to its strong vibrations or oscillations.

Infrasound waves hug the ground and travel for long distances, without losing strength, not much amplitude is needed to produce negative effects in the human body even mild infrasound exposure requires several hours or days to reverse symptoms. Nazi propaganda engineers used infrasound to stir up anger in the large crowds that had gathered to hear Hitler. The result was a nation filled with anger and hatred. High-intensity/low-frequency sound and infrasound are powerful forces. Governments have tested and used them as a weapon of war.

Infrasound affects the body; it disrupts the normal function of the inner ear, leading to nausea, imbalance, impaired equilibrium, immobilization and disorientation. Exposure to even mild doses of infrasound can lead to illness. Increased and prolonged intensities of infrasound can result in impairments and death. Industrial turbines create massive amounts of infrasound. And people and animals are having health issues living too close to them.

Apex Clean Energy and other big wind companies pay doctors, and their salesman like Paris, to say it’s just not true in their opinion or it’s just in your head, in their opinion. Discrediting research-based accounts of infrasound throughout history and the world.

Well, if it wasn’t true, why are Apex and other big wind companies settling lawsuits by people suing them for their health issues that industrial turbines caused by having them placed too close to their homes?

Paris is using his own propaganda to sell more turbines. Trying to discredit good people, who actually care about our earth and the world we live in – like Kevon Martis or Norman Stephens that have done their homework, research and that have their facts – not big money/big energy/big fossil fuel propaganda and payroll.

If Paris would do a little research, or not ignore the facts, he would realize how much fossil fuel it takes to build turbines. But as we know the wind companies have deep ties to the fossil fuel industry. The precious mineral mining business destroying our earth is booming and big wind is right there with them. All in the name of green energy that no one is benefitting from but the top percentage of the richest in the country and of course our conflicted township officials that have leases already with Apex and are receiving checks to get these unhealthy ordinances on the books so they can come in and destroy our beautiful Montcalm County roads and views and peace and quiet.

Paris writes his own propaganda and opinions in service of “Dan’s God.” Is Dan’s God OK with children mining rare earth materials in other countries? Is Dan’s God OK with all the birds, bats, bees, eagles, raptors getting killed and maimed and all the other animals, nature and humans that 500- to 745-foot industrial turbines being put so close to residents affect? Is Dan’s God OK with all the people that are living in hell next to turbines? Is his God OK with the tearing up of and creating the division of neighbors and family in our rural communities that the wind developers’ propaganda and lies bring to the table? Is Dan and “his God” living next to the boondoggle of turbines?

Joe Hansen is owner of Derby Auto Body in Sidney Township and a lifelong resident of Montcalm County for more than 58 years. Kim Ostrander-Hansen has been in education for 18 years and currently works at Link Learning in Stanton as a mentor.

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