January 18, 2022
New Zealand

Brooklyn wind turbine still out of action, seven months after electrical fault discovered

Kate Green | Dominion Post | Jan 18 2022 | www.stuff.co.nz

Seven months after an electrical fault was discovered, the Brooklyn wind turbine is still out of action, the root of the problem unknown.

The turbine was built to harness Wellington’s notorious wind, but it was cold, damp weather that put it out of action.

The 67-metre tall landmark’s blades haven’t turned since June, when it was taken out of service for maintenance.

Meridian Energy spokeswoman Rheilli Uluilelata said there had been no further progress. “We are still investigating the electrical fault and haven’t found the root cause yet.”

“We have tried several different technical methods to resolve the issue and hope to have a more definitive position at the end of the month.”

The fault was caused by moisture getting into the generator and electrics during routine maintenance. Initially, replacement parts were made hard to come by due to global supply issues.

The current turbine is the second to have occupied the site on the hill behind Brooklyn. Electricity generated by the turbine is fed into Wellington’s energy network, enough to power about 490 average homes a year.

It was installed in 2016, replacing a smaller unit which first faced Wellington’s wind in 1993. The original was installed by the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) as part of a feasibility test to see how turbines would perform in local conditions.

The original turbine began to experience mechanical failures by 2010 and was later replaced following popular public demand.

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