January 10, 2022

Montcalm County board chairman issues an apology

By Elisabeth Waldon | Daily News | January 10, 2022 | www.thedailynews.cc

CATO TOWNSHIP – The chairman of the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners is issuing a public apology for his role in some of the events that transpired one week ago today in his township.

The majority of last Monday’s Cato Township Board meeting was focused on the township’s pending wind energy ordinance, and the question of whether Planning Commission Secretary Kim Carr has a conflict of interest due to the fact that Kim’s husband, Patrick Q. Carr, has signed a wind easement lease with Apex Clean Energy. The topic has been brought up repeatedly at past meetings, mostly by Planning Commissioner Brandi Clark-Hubbard, who believes Kim should recuse herself from wind discussions.

After last Monday’s meeting ended, Winfield Township resident Rosemary Murphy complimented Clark-Hubbard for some comments she had made during the meeting. Murphy then turned to face Kim, who was sitting with Pat in the audience.

“But if you have a conflict, then you won’t be removed,” Murphy declared while gesturing with her arms, rolling her eyes and looking back at Kim, who just shook her head in response.

In response, Pat gestured with his middle finger and mouthed, “(Expletive) off,” to Murphy. When questioned by Murphy’s husband, Kevin Murphy, Pat confirmed what he had said and gestured with his middle finger again.

Pat contacted the Daily News this weekend, saying he would like to offer a public apology.

“I’ve been reflecting on what happened for the past week,” Pat said. “I want to apologize.

“I want to start off first of all by apologizing to God for all the blessings he’s given me,” he said. “Acting that way in public certainly isn’t acceptable. Secondly, I want to apologize to my family and friends who support me no matter what and for the embarrassment that I’ve caused them.

“At times I’ve pleaded for a higher level of civility in our county on all of these things – so an outburst or an action like that in a public meeting is exactly what I’ve asked not to have happen, and it was just completely unacceptable on my part,” he said.

“To the Cato Township Board, I want to apologize for the disruption that it caused in their meeting when they’re trying to do their business. That’s the last place something like that should take place.

“To Mrs. Murphy, certainly my gesture was unprofessional and I’m completely ashamed of my actions,” Pat concluded.

Separately from the incident with the Murphys, but just moments later after last week’s meeting, an altercation took place between Pat and Brandi Clark-Hubbard’s husband, Matt Hubbard. Brandi called Montcalm County Central Dispatch after she returned home and requested that police speak with the Carrs. No charges have been issued at this point. The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office is investigating that incident.

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