January 8, 2022
Letters, Michigan

Township officials ‘stacking the deck’

PUBLIC FORUM: Township officials ‘stacking the deck’ | Daily News | January 08, 2022 | www.thedailynews.cc

The hot topic unfolding in Montcalm County is corrupted public officials.

The corrupt township officials, and yes, county also, are manipulating the system to get what they want. Douglass Township is using a lawyer, paid for by taxpayers, to help them navigate the system and undermine the foundation on which we are built. The removal of excellent members on the Planning Commission and replacing them with people that will do their bidding.

I’ve heard the term “stacking the deck” before, and this certainly appears to be what they are doing now. Sadly, it appears like other townships may be laying the ground work to follow suit. This should concern everybody. Supporting corrupt politicians, or turning a blind eye to it, makes a person no better than the politician.

What they are doing will bring industrial wind turbines to Montcalm County. Once they get their foot in the door, they won’t stop. Then the power companies will claim eminent domain and start putting in sub-stations and power lines wherever they deem necessary.

Our beautiful Montcalm County is at risk.

Linda Reynolds


URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2022/01/08/township-officials-stacking-the-deck/