November 19, 2021

Blow back the ill wind

Francis Donohue

These wind farms are getting fat at the public trough and blowing their own brand of ill wind. This isn’t the first time. Ill winds really don’t benefit anyone except for the generator. We need to blow them back to make sure we get what was bargained.

Beginning in the 1980’s, burner boy tried to impregnate our brain with the hotter than hell mentality for trash disposal. Instead, air-borne induced toxins found their way into wildlife populations and burner boy’s rash approvals set the stage for pollutants to risk the already jeopardized air and water quality in several communities, disregarding warranted Environmental Justice in the process.

Fast forward, it’s the turbine boys, with massive swaths of our oceans and mountain-tops taken over by their armies of winged-behemoth turbine trolls. These so called “wind farms”, are far from pastoral, but industrial, including hazardous and toxic substance components and facilities. The turbine boy saves the environment by destroying the environment. They hide behind and use the greenhouse gas and global warming issues with the objective to squander our public trust in their quest for energy and arrange for the public to foot the bill. Turbine boy’s claim of electric power generation, for say, 30,000 homes, obfuscates and overshadows the official dedicated purpose of renewable energy entitlement through our tax dollars to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and incorporate related measures for remediating climate aberration. They forgot that GHG reduction is needed so little Josophina and Grand-pop will be able breathe easier, as well as temper nearby up-state Mountains from the climate scourge.

Turbine boy’s scalping of climax and never-been-cut mountain-top forests to make a throne for these trolls is an irreplaceable and lopsided swap for the air quality and carbon footprint sump functions naturally bestowed, only to be wasted-away. Likewise, disruption of the ocean plankton column dynamic may not be readily quantifiable. From an ecological standpoint, the dynamic also forms the base of the energy and food chain, so the impact is real, irreversible, cumulative, comprehensive and contagious.

Don’t forget these behemoth-winged trolls also create a massive air quality and energy deficit and costs at all stages of their 20-year life, from material acquisition to disposal and clean-up. A separate arsenal of impacts lurks beneath the surface, tails wagging to and fro interacting with the electric grid.

It is only equitable that public resources and goods used for wind turbine development need to fulfill the dedicated public purpose to reduce GHG and carbon foot-printing and remediate climate aberration. To the contrary, turbine boy’s army of trolls, ironically defeats the public purpose. We need to blow this ill wind back.

A moratorium and voter referendum on these winged turbine trolls can have an impact. The most important aspect is that turbine boy is put in a position so they can’t escape and must honor their obligation. This means a net reduction in GHG and minimize carbon foot-printing without destroying the natural system of carbon sumps and air purifiers already in place. And, trash turbine boy’s mesmerizing and subliminal propagandized big-bucks air time.

Ask your political representative, especially congress, about implementing offsets, mitigation, trade-offs, etc. to insure that we obtain a tangible air quality benefit of GHG reduction and maintenance of the natural system. Also ask them to file their updated financial disclosure report. See what happens? We may get to the source of this ill wind and blow it back!

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