October 7, 2021

Construction debris at Quang Tri Province wind farms bury farmlands

By Hoang Tao | VN Express International | October 7, 2021 | vnexpress.net

Rocks and soil dug up for wind farm projects in Quang Tri Province constantly roll down hillsides and destroy paddy fields down below.

In Huong Hoa District, 18 wind farms are nearing completion and will begin commercial operation on November 1.

But according to the province Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, some have yet to take measures to keep construction debris safe.

Rocks and soil dug up to build the Tai Tam wind farm project in Huc Commune are constantly washed down and bury vegetation below.

At the foot of the hill are also paddy fields owned by people living in Huc Thuong village. A storm and rains at the end of last month caused a landslide that buried the paddy fields.

Ho Van Luan, 31, sits on a log that was swept in by floods. Underneath is a fertile paddy field that is now completely buried under landslides.

“We had harvested before the rain brought the rocks and soil down,” Luan says, as he tries to salvage whatever is possible. His family owns a 2,000-square-meter rice field.

Luan walks over another paddy field that is covered in mud.

Ho Van Ka Rai, chairman of the Huc Commune People’s Committee, advises people to wait until the peak flood season is over before listing the damages so that compensation could be paid together.

A paddy field that has been left with gaping ridges by floods.

In Van Ri village too, rocks and soil from the Hoang Hai wind farm project carried by floodwaters have buried paddy fields and irrigation structures.

Soil builds up along a stream in Van Ri Village.

Nguyen Van Nghi, deputy director of the Hoang Hai wind farm, said his firm is negotiating with farmers whose rice fields were buried by landslides to pay compensation. More workers would be hired for works needed to prevent landslides, he added.

Le Quang Thuan, deputy chairman of the Huong Hoa District People’s Committee, said some wind farms are trying to speed up construction and so are not dealing adequately yet with their debris, causing rocks and soil to bury farmlands.

Authorities are instructing them to resolve the problem and help farmers resume agricultural production, he said.

Twelve villages in Huong Hoa District with around 670 residents are considered to be at high risk of landslides and floods.

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