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Large-scale power farms aren’t green

Building solar and wind farms and transmission is not economically, socially or environmentally sound. It is big business disguised as green energy, meant to keep energy production in the hands of the utilities.

Utilities donate tens of millions of dollars every year to manipulate policies and regulation. American Transmission Company has given more than $1 million to the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.

Utilities ensure that governors and most legislators ignore public interests. The DNR turns a blind eye to abusive maintenance on easements while the Public Service Commission revokes property rights. Utilities expand right-of-ways to gain access to and degrade neighboring properties.

Building guarantees utilities high rates of return at the expense of rural communities. These wind farms interfere with wind currents that could exacerbate climate change. Each wind turbine footing contains tons of concrete and steel. They will likely be permanent fixtures.

Rural Wisconsin is being industrialized. Who benefits? Who gets the discounted incentive rates? Electric bills should reflect use without connection fees that subsidize the biggest users.

“Donations” keep government from supporting individual, community and distributed energy. Everyone should make and distribute energy to their best ability. Small generating capabilities are coming that create jobs without ruining the environment.

Lila Zastrow, Seymour