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Wind power propaganda

The recent “news” article extolling the wind power industry in Indiana may well have been a paid advertisement from the wind turbine power lobby.

There are three very basic facts that never appear in such articles.

First, how many people are aware and how much publicity is given to the blanket permit granted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife to the wind turbine industry to allow the turbine blades to kill up to 4,200 eagles per year without penalty or other prosecution.

Second, absent the federal tax credit subsidy, wind turbine power is not competitive on an installation cost per kWh.

Remember what President Ronald Reagan said: If a business is successful, the government taxes it. If a business is not successful, the government subsidizes it.

Third, in the green glee for renewable electrical energy sources, no one wants to discuss the duck curve. Quite simply, the duck curve tracks how, in the early evening when electrical demand ramps up, solar power fades with the setting sun and the wind lessens. Just look to California with their rolling blackouts if you need a reminder of the consequences of over reliance on so called green power generation.

Edward Brosius, Crown Point