June 16, 2021
Letters, Maine

Wind project will negatively impact Monhegan

Letters | Portland Press Herald | June 16, 2021 | www.pressherald.com

The “compromise” apparently reached for the LD 1619 Amendment is no compromise at all if it excludes the New England Aqua Ventus mega-windmill project off Monhegan. Notwithstanding the important and practical concerns raised by the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, it is important to note that this massive piece of industrial infrastructure, situated in such close proximity to the historic Monhegan Island, will severely impact one of the remaining unspoiled and significant sea and landscapes on the coast of Maine and in this country.

Renowned Maine artist George Bellows was quoted in 1911 of Monhegan, “This is the most wonderful country modeled by the hands of the master architect”. For over a century it has been the principal subject and inspiration of multitudes of artists including the greatest of Maine painters, such as Homer, Wyeth, Kent and Hopper. It is this historic connection and the ability to experience this unchanging scene that attracts thousands annually whether to visit the island directly or view it from a passing boat.

Wind can be an important energy resource but so is this masterpiece of the Maine coast. It would be tragically short-sighted if the exception to the LD 1619 Amendment allowing for the New England Aqua Ventus project were to stand.

David Fitch,

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