June 12, 2021
Letters, New York

What are your thoughts on renewable energy in Westerlo?

The Altamont Enterprise | Friday, June 11, 2021 | altamontenterprise.com

Westerloians – why?

At the June 1 Westerlo Town Board meeting, it was stated that the renewable (solar, wind, and battery storage) new draft zoning law(s) would be available on June 4. These were to be available on the website and in writing at the town clerk’s office on Friday, June 4.

Additionally, on June 1, your Westerlo Town Board elected members created a renewable energy zoning law public hearing for said law(s) on June 15.

Why weren’t the renewable draft zoning law(s) available as promised by June 4?

Why didn’t The Altamont Enterprise and the Westerlo website public hearing announcements clearly state that the new draft zoning laws deal with renewable energy changes in the town of Westerlo? Is the Westerlo Town Board deliberately avoiding the subject of possibly more renewable power plants in the town of Westerlo?

Why hasn’t the draft renewable energy law committee, composed of two town of Westerlo board members and one town of Westerlo resident, made these draft laws available to the residents yet, as promised?

Why doesn’t that committee have any actual Westerlo Zoning Board experience, past or present? Are they the most qualified for this committee?

Since these new draft renewable energy laws are not waiting for the adoption of the new updated Westerlo comprehensive plan, they should be guided by the existing comprehensive plan, five-plus years old, which is available on the Westerlo website.

Thus, the draft law(s) could have been completed much earlier during the two-year renewable energy moratorium period.

What are your thoughts on the futures of renewable energy (solar, wind, and battery storage) in the town of Westerlo?

Read the committee’s draft laws, when they finally become available, and please voice your thoughts, ideas, and concerns at the currently scheduled public hearing to be held in person (not Zoom) at the Westerlo Town Park on Tuesday, June 15.

Barb Russell


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