June 4, 2021

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after man dies from fall at a wind turbine

By Henry Hyde | Jun 3, 2021 | sanangelolive.com

SAN ANGELO, TX – Currently working its way through the Tom Green County legal system is a lawsuit filed by Lacey Johnson whose husband, Aaron Johnson, died after falling at a wind turbine in southern Tom Green County. Lacey Johnson is suing Sentry Electrical Group for the wrongful death of her husband. See the original story here.

Sentry Electrical Group was contracted to perform repair services to a Clearway owned wind turbine within Tom Green County and put Aaron Johnson on the job. Mr. Johnson was given a “punch list” of items to review and repair on the C-23 wind turbine and was left entirely alone at the site. Later in the day Aaron’s supervisor, Paul Miller, found the man deceased on the second floor of the turbine after having supposedly fallen from the third floor.

According to court documents, although Mr. Johnson was wearing his safety helmet and harness, the access hole on the third floor contained no sort of guard railing whatsoever despite the presence of such safety measures on all other levels of the mill. The total distance between the second and third level being roughly 80 feet, Aaron, all alone, was dead shortly after the fall.

“The subject matter of the anticipated suit includes gross negligence and various subcategories of negligence.” Sentry is said to have failed to provide a “first aid station, an infirmary, or other medical services for the treatment of injured employees and – in a serious violation of safety protocols – also failed to have a person with first-aid training readily available at the work site to render first aid.”

The plaintiffs await dispositions from all the different parties involved before moving to a court hearing.

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