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Wind power burden on ratepayers

In case readers failed to notice, the ‘settled science’ of ‘Global Warming’ which we are forbidden to question, has just dished up the coldest April for Sixty years and the finest skiing conditions in Scotland for a Decade.

Meanwhile, Lorna Slater and the Greens witter on about ‘sustainable’ energy and the ‘Green New Deal’.

What she clearly failed to notice is that during almost all of April, the entire wind industry, far from ‘powering thousands of homes’ was flat-lining, contributing around 3% or less to the National Grid.

Impoverished bill-payers are now forking out a staggering £12 Billion in annual subsides, extorted from their energy bills, to a demonstrably-useless wind industry, meaning there will most certainly be a real ‘Climate Emergency’ in households struggling to pay their bills.

Meanwhile gas ‘which has to stay in the ground’ is as usual, taking up the slack. Thus proving why a new observational analysis using data from 10 European Union countries, published in May 2018, affirmed the devastating conclusion that wind power “amplifies the growth of fossil fuels”, and “preserves fossil fuel dependency” because for every 1% increase in the installed capacity of wind power, a quarter as much again is permanently required as back up.

It is indeed time for Lorna Slater to ‘get real’ before there is a climate emergency in our homes!

George Herraghty
Lothlorien Lhanbryde Elgin Moray