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An open letter to the Ontario government:

I write to you to share my concerns on the neglect people living in industrial wind turbine projects are experiencing.

No government at any level seems to care. You all hide behind “the contracts.” Pieces of paper.

You would rather honour contracts signed with the big businesses of industrial wind than caring for the lives that matter. We signed unwilling host petitions before those contracts were signed.

Why do our pieces of paper have no meaning? We signed non-consent forms, why do they not matter?

People’s lives are being destroyed because of these contracts.

Some families can’t bathe their children, cook food or wash clothes with their well water that was once clean and clear, because their wells were destroyed when the turbines came to town. These industrial turbines are built too close to homes and people’s health is at risk as some experience heart palpitations, ear ringing, interrupted sleep from infra sound, and swooshing sounds from the turbines.

You are neglecting the people of Ontario.

What is aggravating is you are paid with our tax dollars, which also paid for the incentives given to these industrial wind turbine companies. We are paying you to ignore us and we are paying the turbine companies for the destruction of our lives.

But hey, you can live in your comfortable homes and not worry for your family’s well-being. You can cook with your tap water, wash your clothes, and bathe your kids without concern.

Good for you.

Industrial wind turbines are machinery and are not clean and green. It takes tons of steel and tons of concrete to build. It takes gallons of oil to keep them operational. Trucks running on fossil full deliver the components. They require more than just wind to spin. The blades cannot be recycled; decommissioned blades are dumped in landfills.

What’s your solution: build bigger dumps for future generations to have to deal with? You are all representatives of Ontario; you should all care what happens here.

I am a resident of Crylser, where the Nation Rise Wind Farm was pushed through despite residents declaring they did not want it built. I see turbines out of every window, a disconnected view with metal turbines near homes.

What would you tell me? Lower the blinds, look away.

A starry night is over taken by the flashing red lights on the turbines.

What would you tell me? Lower the blinds, look away.

I once looked forward to the return of the Canadian geese, now I fear for them. Their migration path is smack in the middle of this unwanted project; they will be slaughtered.

What will you tell me? Lower the blinds, look away.

Please do not stand behind a contract that was not worthy of anyone’s signature, a piece of paper that should have been torn up.

Please don’t look away— raise your blinds so we can raise ours again.

MaDonna Gaudin