April 10, 2021

Some Jack County residents to oppose wind turbine vote

By Michael Grace | TNN | April 9, 2021 | www.newschannel6now.com

Some residents across Jack County have this upcoming Monday circled on their calendars.

The county’s commissioners court will meet that day to vote on a tax abatement that would allow a French company to install wind turbines in the northern part of the county.

“For us Texans, it’s a very reliable source of energy too because if you think about it, for hundreds of years this wind that we’ve is amazing, a source of energy that’s been there,” said Hassan Qandil, North Texas University researcher.

Members of the North Texas Heritage Association have led a charge to pack the courtroom for the vote to show officials their feelings of opposition.

“The impact to the county is a negative,” said Bryon Barton, a North Texas Heritage Association member. “Four and a half million dollars a year for 20 years and the county commissioners have to take into account that the very people they represent, the people that voted them into office and that vote to keep them in office are going to have to bear the cost for that.”

So far, the North Texas Heritage Association has recruited around 700 people for their cause who account for over 450,000 acres of land across the county.

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