April 8, 2021

Lissinagroagh Wind Farm project concerns

Leitrim Observer | 7 Apr 2021 | www.leitrimobserver.ie

It has just recently been learned that a third wind farm, known as Lissinagroagh Wind Farm, is planned for the Manorhamilton area. It is to be built and operated by Coillte Renewable Energy and will provide for up to 20 wind turbines.
Relatively nearby, the Manorhamilton area has the Carrickeeny Wind Farm in Glencar, owned by the Swedish conglomerate and ready to assemble furniture producer, IKEA, and the Gaelectric Wind Farm in Faughery Mullies, owned by Chinese financiers.
In its submission for the Lissinagroagh Wind Farm, Coillte Renewable Energy state “onshore wind energy for Ireland makes sense for many reasons. It is a clean fuel source that does not pollute the air like power plants that rely on the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas.
“Unlike conventional power plants, wind turbines do not produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gases. Wind energy is a free domestic natural resource, produced in abundance in Ireland.”
Coillte Renewable Energy also claim “there are good annual average wind speeds in the (Lissinagroagh Wind Farm) Study Area.
“The site is located where there are existing turbines. It is considered that the landscape can accommodate additional wind turbine development.”
The above is just a tiny amount of the Coillte Renewable Energy information about the proposed Lissinagroagh Wind Farm that its Project team has provided in its recent newsletter that many Manorhamilton area residents have received.
Regarding the newsletter Coillte Renewable Energy say “we would encourage and welcome your input and comments in this Newsletter.
“If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive project updates by post or email, please let us know. Please get in touch by email or by phone – phone 1890-800-501, E-mail lissinagroagh@coillte, website www.lissinagroaghwindfarm.ie.”
In response to the above invitation from Coillte Renewable Energy local resident and a member of the Lissinagroagh Wind Farm Information Group, Claire O’Hara states on the Group’s Facebook page “Coillte want your input, feedback, and comments.
“Well give it to them. I am encouraging everyone in our communities who stand to be affected by this proposed development to contact this number or email your concerns whatever they may be.
“Whether it’s the adverse visual impact on our area, noise pollution from wind turbines, the detrimental effect on our wild life, whatever your concern, now is the time to make your point,” Claire believes.
Meantime another Lissinagroagh Wind Farm Information Group member, Joseph Sheerin says “ the community in Manorhamilton, Kiltyclogher and Rossinver need to write to Coillte and the (Windfarm) developers and request a public meeting in each community.”
The debate about the proposed Lissinagroagh Wind Farm is likely to intensify in the coming weeks and months judging from the concerns expressed by many other members of the Lissinagroagh Wind Farm Information Group on the Group’s Facebook page.

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2021/04/08/lissinagroagh-wind-farm-project-concerns/