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No farm in ‘windfarm’

Your newspaper should stop supporting “doublespeak” when covering projects that aim to generate electricity using wind (“Biden proposes new windmill farms along huge swaths of U.S. coastline,” Web, March 29). First, the use of the term “windmill” is simply an obfuscation. The word conjures up benign images of Holland and farms. The use of the term then leads to the truly misleading description of “wind farms” when describing a collection of wind turbines, giving these blights on the landscape a romantic and benign cover. They are neither.

I have yet to see anyone plant a seed and grow a wind turbine. They are manufactured, built and installed just llike any other industrial factory. The lifecycle of a wind turbine is costly to the taxpayer in tax subsidies and higher energy costs, and it causes adverse impacts to the environment with its significant carbon footprint. Calling these collections of turbine farms is about as accurate as calling a coal plant a mineral-harvesting activity site.


Bristow, Va.