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Stand up for a rural way of life

If Michigan residents support wind turbines, why have wind companies lost 24 out of 24 times when wind-friendly ordinances have been brought to a referendum?

If townships are “enjoying a new and substantial source of tax revenue,” why are they having to fight for those revenues?

Montcalm County residents are not “raising Cain,” as Don Smucker stated in his March 21 Guest View in the Daily News. Apex initiated township ordinance amendments to allow taller turbines closer to our homes. I applaud officials who are now listening to citizens and have decided people are more important than vague promises of money. I fear for those who will have to defend a decision to place personal gain over the duties of their office.

The 2,700-plus of us, referred to as the opposition, are smart, capable, dedicated people who love our community and have worked tirelessly over the past few months to save it. Our health concerns are more than a “perception.” We know how to research wind energy systems. It seems to me it would be wise for those who provide pro-wind opinions to be careful about parroting words from Apex propaganda sites.

Yes, we “promote as negatives noise, shadow flicker, infrasound, height, flashing lights, and bird kills, and claims that turbines are not clean energy sources and are not financially viable.” Those are supportable facts. Visit the Michigan Tax Tribunal website to see where DTE is challenging turbine assessments. Read that if successful, overpaid tax revenues will have to be refunded to DTE with interest. Wind turbines are only viable through tax credits which reduce tax revenues. They will increase our energy bills as they have elsewhere.

Visit Gratiot and Isabella counties and talk to people who are not receiving checks from leases, which contain gag orders. Ask them whether they love what has happened to their community. Ask them if their input made any difference on the locations of turbines once a pro-wind ordinance was in place. Drive through Beal City and Saint Louis at night.

Our township ordinances were created to protect our health, welfare, safety and rural way of life. We are standing up for all of those things.

What if these things really hurt people, animals and wildlife. Does anyone want pushing Apex’s agenda to be their legacy? I urge everyone to find the truth themselves before 600-foot turbines are placed at our doorsteps.

Sheila Crooks

Douglass Township