March 18, 2021
New York

McCoy pushes wind program as key to county’s economic recovery

Steve Hughes | Times Union | March 18, 2021 |

ALBANY – Albany County Executive Dan McCoy wants to make the county the upstate manufacturing hub for the state’s offshore wind program.

During his recent State of the County address, McCoy announced his intentions to build on the existing wind turbine construction plans at the Port of Albany.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said in January that the port would become the country’s first wind tower assembly site.

McCoy said he wanted to partner the county with local industrial development agencies to support private investments as well as keep existing manufacturers in the offshore wind supply chain.

The plan is part of McCoy’s larger economic development recovery plan. It also includes a call for an engineering study to determine the possibility of a county-wide broadband initiative. The study would be paid for by the county and private companies. McCoy said it would include possible solutions to ensure that every residents can access high-speed broadband regardless of their ability to pay.

McCoy announced several other initiatives, including a space in the county building in downtown Albany for “in-the-field” employees to work at a computer as needed without having an assigned office space and partnering with Genoa Healthcare to provide mental health patients their medications where they already receive county services.

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