February 17, 2021

Commissioners to send letter to House against HB 1381

By Hannah Gunnell | The Shelbyville News | Feb 17, 2021 | www.shelbynews.com

“I’d like to mention we got a sample of the resolution,” Commissioner Don Parker said. “It has to do with Bill 1381. … I thought it didn’t include everything we’d like, and I talked to [an attorney] yesterday about it, and he said if we’d send a simple letter up there that the commissioners had signed, it would be effective.”

So the commissioners approved signing a letter in opposition of House Bill 1381 to the Indiana House of Representatives Committee on Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications.

HB 1381 pertains to “home rule,” or letting the counties make governing decisions, specifically in regards to renewable energy systems like wind and solar.

It would allow the state government to force counties to accept renewable energy companies, even if the counties don’t want them there.

“Even though that’s the topic, it isn’t about wind and solar,” Commissioner Chris Ross said. “That letter should be specifically to the fact of taking away local control. Even if it’s addressed that way right now, it would have ripple effects on a whole bunch of other things, other than wind and solar.”

Commissioner Kevin Nigh motioned to sign the letter immediately so they could send it right away.

“We need to get that letter authorized and sent off right away so when we get it, we can sign it and send it,” Nigh said.

The commissioners also approved several other items Tuesday morning.

They approved the interlocal agreement with Township Trustees for poor relief assistance.

“I talked with the president of the trustees association and they want to keep everything the same as it’s been for the last several years,” Nigh said.

The board approved a resolution that would approve form SB-1s.

Form SB-1 is a statement of benefits for real and personal property tax abatements.

The trio approved a utility request by IWM Consulting Group to bore at Washington Street in Flat Rock. The group intends to do some kind of water monitoring.

Lastly, the commissioners approved Emergency Management Director Ryan Hansome’s request to switch mass notification system.

Ross joked that he only gets notifications for Rush County using the current system.

Hansome said he would like to use Rave Mobile Safety. A five year contract with that company will cost $50,799.

“The way it looks right now, we can probably export everyone’s numbers into the new system, so it will be pretty seamless,” Hansome said.

The new system will improve the services.

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