February 13, 2021
Letters, Ohio

Control of wind projects differs across states

Letters | The Journal Gazette | Saturday, February 13, 2021 | www.journalgazette.net

Starwood Energy Group is trying to construct a wind turbine project (Grover Hill Wind) of about 37 turbines in two townships in and around the community.

The project is in the “pre-application” phase, according to the Ohio Power Siting Board. This company has actually started constructing access roads and installing turbine bases. How can construction begin on a project that has not been issued the proper certificate?

The siting board has been notified and will be scheduling a visit.

Ironically, a bill is being introduced in the Ohio Senate to give township residents the right to vote on wind projects. Wind companies have repeatedly trampled the rights and the will of the people in developing these projects. It is their claim that the siting board has an extensive process to allow citizen input. Clearly that process is not remotely sufficient in our community’s case.

It’s time for Ohio residents who will be affected by these types of community-altering projects to have a direct say on whether they are wanted or not.

House Bill 1381, being considered by the Indiana General Assembly, strips communities of the very thing we are trying to get back in Ohio. Ohio projects are sited under state law and zoning. We have little to no local authority on the matter. Indiana communities have much more power than Ohio communities. It’s in your best interest to keep that power local.

Jeremy Kitson

Citizens for Clear Skies (Van Wert County, Ohio)

Citizens Against the Grover Hill Wind Project (Paulding County, Ohio)

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