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Testing noise at Hawkesdale Wind Farm sparks fierce debate among Moyne Shire councilors

A proposal to extend testing of noise created by the Hawkesdale Wind Farm sparked vigorous debate at Moyne Shire Council's meeting on Tuesday.

Cr Jim Doukas said a previous decision to employ an independent acoustian to record sound for 14 days would not allow enough data to be collected at night.

"Fourteen days won't give us enough time to get enough night testing done," Cr Doukas said.

Cr Ian Smith said he supported the motion, saying the council should "do it once and do it right".

"I think we should err on the side of caution and go for the longer period."

However a number of councillors were opposed to the motion because the cost of extending the testing was not known.

Cr Damian Gleeson said he couldn't support a motion agreeing to spend an unknown amount of ratepayer money.

"I can't support 30 days of testing without knowing the cost," he said.

"It could be $200,000 and the people of Peteborough will ring me up and say 'what the hell are you doing?'"

Cr Karen Foster said she could not support the motion because she didn't have enough information to do so.

"In all good conscience I can't make a decision here," she said.

"This is a really complex science."

Cr Doukas said he was disappointed by a number of the reasons given by councillors in opposing the motion.

"The one good thing about today is we are being recorded," he said.

"People will see what sort of excuses some councillors have."

The motion was lost 4-3, with Crs Doukas, Jordan Lockett and Smith supporting it and mayor Daniel Meade, Crs Foster, Gleeson and James Purcell voting against it.

Moyne Shire resident George Swarbrick had urged councillors to support the proposed 30 days before the motion was debated.

"Cr Doukas' motion today is about transparency and complying to New Zealand standards,"

Mr Swarbrick said. He said the extension of the testing would ensure all the is were dotted and ts crossed.

Mr Swarbrick said by supporting the motion, councillors would help to address the angst felt by community members.

"When voting please consider this, if there's no problems, what's there to hide?"

Cr Lockett foreshadowed a motion that would allow for a minimum of 14 days testing or a period of time when enough measurements (1440) were taken.

This was also defeated, with only Crs Lockett and Gleeson supporting the new motion.