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Money pit continues

Town Meeting appropriated $35,482 for the renewable energy line item in the town’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget. By doing so, the cumulative cost of wind turbine preventive maintenance since they were permanently shut down now exceeds their salvage value (based on estimated salvage value by Westin Sampson, “Wind Energy Facility Mitigation Alternatives Analysis”).

With little chance of prospective buyers, continued grant forgiveness obstruction by state authorities, and the select board’s long-in-the-tooth best intention, how much longer are we expected to sustain this tax liability net drain into the red?

Isn’t it time to terminate this annual turbine tax torture? I’m for Doug Brown’s idea, (“… if we can’t give them away for free, I suggest we demolish them on site and sell the metal for scrap and not waste any more time or money on it.”—Oct. 26 select board meeting).

Mark J. Cool

Fire Tower Road

West Falmouth