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Public not given enough time

Did you know the Lancaster County Board is looking at reducing setbacks to accommodate billion-dollar wind energy companies? If not, you are not alone. Most residents of Lancaster County are uninformed on this matter because it was just presented last month.

Wind turbines, taller than the State Capitol, do not belong in the back yards of rural homes. I could go on about how it will affect property value, wildlife and health, but I’d like to focus on the larger problem. Why is the Planning Commission not giving the public time to get informed on this matter?

Recently, Sean Flowerday, Christa Yoakum and Rick Vest voted against a 60-day extension to bring awareness to the public. If you live in their districts, this should concern you.

Ask yourself:

“Are they representing me?”

“Do they have my best interest in mind?”

“Why would they not want to raise public awareness in order to have an actual debate?”

“How could their actions affect myself, my family or friends?”

Although everyone’s answers may be different, most will agree something is wrong here. Please remember their actions the next time you step into a voting booth. We need transparency and for our voices to be heard now before it is too late.

Andrew Stastny, Martell