January 14, 2021

Protestors fear new wind turbine in Neilston would be ‘blot on the landscape’

By Pippa Smith, Reporter | Barrhead News | www.barrheadnews.com

Controversial plans to erect a wind turbine in Neilston face mounting opposition.

Last month, the Barrhead News told how some residents are worried about the impact on the landscape and wildlife if permission is granted to erect the eco-friendly power source on grazing land south of the village’s Kingston Road.

Since then, more people have come forward to urge East Renfrewshire Council to snub the proposal.

Barrhead resident David Watson, who is among those to lodge an objection to the development, insists East Renfrewshire already has “far more than its share of turbines.”

He fears a number of trees would be chopped down to prevent them interfering with the turbine’s air flow.

Shelia Johnson echoed those concerns, claiming the development would “dominate the landscape and set an extremely worrying precedent for the possibility of even more of this magnitude.”

She said: “East Renfrewshire has more turbines per square metre than any other local authority and the visual impact of this turbine would be overwhelming to the landscape.

“Drivers are already subject to flicker from turbines present along Kingston Road and, at night, we are subjected to the strobe effect of the red aviation lights of the turbines.

“Adding to these visual distractions with a turbine bigger than anything we are currently subjected to will be hugely impactful.”

The planning application has been submitted by Cambridgeshire-based businessman Andy Brand, who has years of experience in the renewable energy sector.

A spokesperson for East Renfrewshire Council said: “The planning application is still being assessed and will be determined in due course.”

To view the proposal, visit the planning applications section of the council’s website.

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