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Questionable energy decisions

Let me get this straight – New Mexico touts the opening of a massive 522 megawatt wind farm at a cost of about $900 million to power about 385,000 customers when the wind blows, with a life span of 25 years and an environmental footprint of 156 square miles, while it rejects an El Paso Electric proposal to build a 228 megawatt natural gas power plant at $160 million dollars to help meet future demand and to provide reliable back-up power for 430,000 residents, with a service life of 40 years.

Does this make sense? Do New Mexico lawmakers really care about low cost, reliable energy for its residents, or do they only care about New Mexico state’s 100% carbon free energy goal? Where are we going to get our power when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow? Unless New Mexico residents stand up to be heard, we will be experiencing high energy prices and brown outs, just like California. Instead of destroying the goose that laid the golden egg, New Mexico lawmakers should be doing everything possible to promote our oil and gas industry which provides about 39% of the state’s revenue!

Jamie Borsodi, Las Cruces