December 15, 2020

Six more turbines to be built west of Upper Knockando

By Alistair Whitfield | The Northern Scot | 14 December 2020 |

Planning permission has been granted by the Scottish Government for another six turbines a couple of miles from Upper Knockando

Paul’s Hill II is an extension of the nearby Paul’s Hill windfarm, which contains 28 turbines and has been operated by Fred Olsen Renewables since 2006.

With construction anticipated to commence in 2022, the project will be operational by 2023.

Finley Becks-Phelps, the company’s UK development officer, said: “We have worked for several years to design this project.

“During this time, we have made sure that our proposals reflect feedback from many stakeholders, including the local community.

“To date, Fred Olsen Renewables has contributed more than £800,000 to the communities closest to the Paul’s Hill Wind Farm – and Paul’s Hill II will also deliver a raft of benefits.

Kirstin Leckie is a project manager for Natural Power which was involved in the consultations.

She said: Having worked with the communities closest to Paul’s Hill and Paul’s Hill II over the last few years, I hope that today’s announcement will be welcome news locally.

“I hope the project will deliver a long-lasting positive legacy for everyone.

“This consent is a great step towards meeting the country’s national renewable energy targets and the movement towards net zero.”

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