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Wind and solar energy are ruining the planet

Laura Lane states in an op-ed, “Renewable energy moves Wisconsin forward … it is better for our planet, our people, and our pocketbooks.”

Laura is dead wrong! Industrial wind and solar are destroying our planet and the lives of people! Obviously Laura has not been out in the country to see all the environmental destruction caused by the excavating for turbine bases destroying our water table and years and years of conservation efforts on the part of our farmers and conservationists. She has not witnessed the sleepless nights and nausea caused to wind turbine neighbors by the unrelenting infrasound and screeching blades. She has not seen the Chinese peasants and children forced into slave labor to extract the rare earths that are used in these technologies or their cancer deaths and shortened lifespans due to the exposure. She has not seen the eagles, bats and songbirds being chopped up in turbine blades. She has not researched the CO2 emitted by all the manufacturing and extracting processes going into turbines and solar panels both here and on other continents. She has no answer for the waste created that will fill and overflow our Wisconsin landfills and the toxins that will creep into our ground water.

This is a get rich quick scheme for the utilities and their investors and a disaster for ratepayers, the people, and the environment. Rates are skyrocketing wherever industrial wind and solar build-out have occurred. Wisconsin does not need the advice of paid lobbyists to discern what is right and wrong.

Linda Grice