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Energy developers should not be exempt from paying property tax

I am replying to my neighbors who think commercial solar and wind farms such as Horseshoe and Morris Ridge should be encouraged in Livingston County towns. How do these energy systems benefit my town when New York State gives them full exemption from property tax?

To obtain equitable community benefit, tell local elected officerss to pass a New York State RPTL 487 opt out law for future renewable energy systems and another for renewable storage systems. No more exemption from property tax as allowed by New York State Real Property Tax Law 487.

Tell your boards to pass a local Opt Out law similar to laws passed already by so many taxing jurisdictions in New York State. There is no community-wide benefit other than property tax revenue collected over the lifetime of the facility.

Your school and county should opt out, too. Negotiating pilot agreements is not fair to other property taxpayers.

As a property owner, I do not want to subsidizie a business that contributes nothing or a fraction of what should be paid in property tax for the betterment of my town.

The renewable development expected to blanket our rural land is going to bring in millions to their investors. No need for community welfare in the form of property tax exemption or pilot for 15 years. Think the solar developers won’t locate? Read the New York State Energy Plan.

Judith Falzoi