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Concerns about wind turbines

What will the future of Piatt County be if Apex is allowed to proceed with their proposal for 120 wind turbines (750ft tall) on 20,000 acres of prime farmland?

Concerned citizens, scientists, physicians, and environmentalists are opposing industrial wind turbines in the USA and internationally.

Environmentally these massive structures, that require enormous amounts of resources and fossil fuels to manufacture, transport and erect, destroy irreplaceable fertile farmland and reduce bird and bat populations. At least 14,000 non-biodegradable turbines now litter the USA’s landscape.

Economically wind energy is a windfall to a few and a curse to many. Although denied by wind energy companies (WECS) the value of land and homes decrease where turbines exist. How many families would choose to live near a turbine?

Perhaps the greatest concern is the potential health impact wind turbines can impose in their footprint. Although vehemently denied by WECS, shadow flicker, constant audible noise and infrasound low frequency noise (which these companies fail to measure) have been documented to cause sleep deprivation, hypertension, dizziness, headaches, nausea, anxiety, cognitive changes and cardiac disease in adults and children living up to 10-15 km from the turbines.

Behavior changes in pets and failure to thrive of livestock have also been documented.

Wind turbines do not only potentially affect those who choose to lease their land to companies such as Apex but to their neighbors as well.

The burden for the future path of Piatt County falls on the shoulders of our county board and zoning board. This entails protecting ALL of its residents.

In the quest of “save” our country, state and county let us not accelerate their demise for the financial gain of a few.

I encourage residents to read more: savepiattcounty.org, facebook- No Wind Farms in Piatt County, wind-watch.org.

Claudia Coil