September 3, 2020

Batavia becomes latest township to limit wind turbines

Jim Measel | WTVB | Sep 3, 2020 |

Batavia Township has become the latest township to take action against non-residential wind turbines.

The Batavia Township Board passed an ordinance on Tuesday night which limits the height of industrial wind turbines to 330 feet.

The ordinance would also put limits on commercial solar power units.

This follows the Matteson Township Board approving an ordinance last March which established height limits for Wind Energy Conversion Systems. Special uses for Wind Energy Conversion Systems would only be available in General Agricultural, Light Agricultural and Research Industrial Zoning Districts. All other zoning districts in Matteson Township would be off limits for the wind turbines.

In addition, Sherwood Township voters approved a zoning referendum last month which amended the Township Zoning ordinances by adding a new section regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

Concerned Citizens of Branch County have been opposed to the siting of the wind turbines by DTE Energy and they have accused the utility of being unethical, shady and deceptive in their tactics and practices.

DTE Energy announced last month it was suspending efforts to develop a wind project in Branch County because of the current economic climate and other factors.

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